Pretty Pastel Prints

Good Evening Everyone,

Is it just me or does Spring dressing appear to be even more problematic this year? What is this weather? It just seems to be storm after storm! It’s hard to enjoy getting dressed in the morning when you’re unsure whether you will end the day sweating profusely or with your teeth chattering.

I’ve felt a shift in my style this spring which has seen me move towards usual ruffles, pastels and feminine pieces as opposed to more earthy tones. However, curating my Spring wardrobe this season was much easier and I feel like I’ve found a good rhythm all thanks to Maisy Clothing.

I started by whittling out the items I hadn’t worn throughout the previous season, selling them off to homes that hopefully will show them the love they deserve. This is my best advice for keeping your wardrobe fresh. Don’t hoard items on the pretence that “one day” you might wear them. Let them go and make way for items you know you will wear and wear.

The trends I am fully embracing right now are both pastel and prints but also trying to keeping in line with a feminine tailored style with colourful fabrics and structured silhouettes. This dress ticks all those boxes and is one that I will wear over and over again especially in the run up to the summer months.

Chat Soon,

Glam Meets Girl x


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