BADgal Lash

This magic mascara is like a set of sexy black false eyelashes…without the glue! With its famously big brush and volumizing formula, this matte-black mascara builds beautiful, bodacious lashes.

Benefit BAD gal Lash is loaded with a big, bad wand and black mascara. This mascara comes with a spoolie brush, rather than a plastic wand. The wand is very large but tapered, so you can reach the inner corners with it. It lengthens a little but also volumises.

My lashes are naturally curly, so that’s never been a concern of mine, but I always want more volume and length, and BADgal always delivers. I love the huge brush, it reaches all my lashes, and is great when used vertically on my outer lashes. It also goes a long way, or at least it always has for me. As much of drugstore makeup user I am, I still feel like BADgal is 100% worth the money.

How to apply

Wiggle the wand at the base of lashes then sweep upward from root to tip. Layer for added drama.





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