Lush Bath Bomb

If you are a bath taker, you’ve no doubt tried a bath bomb in your tub before. If not, let me explain what a bath bomb is. A bath bomb is a circle shaped ball that when placed under water fizzes like Alika-seltzer leaving your bath with bubble colour and many times, an oil to moisturize your skin.

One of Lush’s founding items are in fact their bath bombs. They all have fun, unique names. Lush’s Bath Bombs are unique as many times you will be surprised by what comes out of the tub. Your bath could be filled with sparkles or dried flowers to set the mood.

While it seems that people who love Lush’s Bath Bombs are no novice to bath bombs, those who are bath bomb newbies are not so sure. You can check out LUSH bath bombs in action on their website. On each bath bomb’s page, they have a video of it shooting around the tub, releasing a rainbow of colors, sparkles, flower petals, or whatever whimsical treasures lay within.

Personally one of my favorite bath bombs because of the sweet little “surprise” after the bomb melts away (I won’t ruin it for you and say what it is). Sports a soft jasmine scent that’s truly girlish and lovely!



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