The Body Shop Oils of Life

The Body Shop has released a whole lot of goodness, from new skincare innovations to revamped packaging and designs! The Body Shop Oils of Life range is all about seed oils and three special seeds which have been sourced to bring the best in skincare to the high street.

Now if your like me, the sound of oil on my face is a little daunting. So I decided to rethink my moisture routine especially as winter is on its way and decided to introduce an oil. It’s all about getting smarter cleaning.

I have had a chance to play with some of the products and they are gorgeous. There’s an Oils of Life Essence Lotion, a Facial Oil, Intensive Revitalising Cream and a Gel Cream.  The facial oil is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to try it properly.

There is also the Essence Lotion, a popular skincare format in Asia. This replaces the role of your toner, leaving your skin soft and ready for the next step in your routine.

The Body Shop have seriously improved lately, introducing some beautiful products not to mention the whole repackaging. I will be adding the facial oil into my must have list!

What do you reckon, do you love the sound of facial oil yet?


  1. I use face oil every day. I mix coconut oil in with my face cream, use rosehip oil for around my eyes and do an oil cleanse every few weeks with jojoba, castor and tea tree oil. Love the stuff


  2. I just heard about these yesterday and was thinking of looking into them. I currently use Clarins Blue Orchid oil (usually every other night), and I have seen an improvement in the dryness of my skin. I have to be careful with oils as I have rosacea and some (like argan oil) make things worse.


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